The Wezenberg Group is build on the solid foundations of 4 generations Wezenberg: Berend, Gerrit, Benny and Gert.

Since the start is the Wezenberg Group specialized in transport of fruit and vegetables from the surrounding horticulture area ‘De Koekoek’. What started with horse and carriage, became a agricultural tractor with trailer in 1966 to a truck in 1982.

This was the start of the transport company. The horses were deployed for the breeding and the business in transport material became a part of the business.

Led by Benny the extension was sought in the Netherlands. Benny’s wife Marijke, became a key factor in the transport company. Every day she takes care of a smooth Dutch planning.

Gert Wezenberg entered the company in 1993. He has ensured that previously outsourced international transport is extensive. There are also companies acquired in order to increase market share.

Agricultural Logistical Centre
In 1999 the auction Greenery was acquired. The Wezenberg Group saw a unique opportunity and launched the  Agricultural Logistics Centre. By attracting the ALC market activities were widened. A storage and transfer center was an enrichment for the activities.

On August 1th, 2001 caused a major fire that ALC was completely destroyed. The management therefore decided to construct a new building. The new building meets all legal requirements with regard to hygiene and food safety.

The main activity of the ALC is the storage and handling of food and non-food products for different customers. The ALC also manages a depot for cleaning reusable packaging with industrial washing machines. There is also a possibility to rent business premises.

Wezenberg is always looking for improvements and opportunities in the market. In the dynamic world of transportation it is very important to think ahead and to anticipate into changes in the market. Wezenberg Group is therefore always looking for activities to strengthen the company.

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